A professional reputation and passion for driving positive culture change by integrating quality management principles into daily operations have made Sumeet a sought after speaker at national and international forums. His recent work with a large hospital in Northern Ontario has been showcased by the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

2018 Thought Leaders Conference, Bristol, England, UK

2016 Canadian Society for Quality, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2016 National Healthcare Leadership Conference, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

2016 Lean Six Sigma World Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA

2015 World Conference on Quality and Process Improvement, Nashville, TN

2015 ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference, Phoenix, AZ, USA

2014 Healthcare Systems Conference, Orlando, FL, USA

2013 Lean Six Sigma World Conference, San Diego, CA, USA

2012 Keynote Speaker at American Society for Quality, Vancouver, Canada

2011-12 Guest speaker at British Columbia Institute of Technology & Simon Fraser University, Vancouver