The Missing Link to Organizational Excellence

Did you know that, as per Harvard Business Review, March 2015, the #1 question that keeps CEO’s awake at night is, ‘How do I get the best results from the people in my organization?’

Culture eats strategySenior Leadership Teams spend countless hours in strategy planning and execution, implementing LEAN, doing Project Management, and undertaking team building activities but are still not able to get the desired results. Research has identified the missing link that differentiates a top performing organization with others is their ‘CULTURE’ – an unseen force that not only drives organizational excellence but also sustains transformational change.

KUMAR FRIENDS INC. offers ‘Culture Assessment and Alignment’ as one of our key services to support client organizations in their journey to operational excellence and culture transformation. In Canada, we are one of only three firms trained to conduct a culture assessment for an organization using OCAI (Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument).

Investment in Culture Assessment and Alignment:

  • pays rich dividends over the entire life of your strategy plan
  • assists you to align your strategy and operations with desired Culture
  • helps you in prioritizing projects that will deliver best value to customers/patients and families
  • increases staff morale
  • generates remarkable growth
  • improves bottom line results
  • optimizes use of your organization resources